Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly 60 meters above the beach while, at the same time, enjoying a magnificent sea and islands view? Now, you can experience it on our Zipline, which is located above the beautiful beach of “Tri brata” in Vrbica, Dubrovnik.

This 250 meters long and 60 meters high zipline will surely give you the experience you will remember for a long time 🙂

The tour lasts for approximately 1 hour and during that time you will get to know our guides who will walk you trough the training course and some basic rules of ziplining. Once you get to our location, our proffessional and licenced guides will make sure that you are safe and have fun at the same time. Also, they will guide you throughout the whole tour.


Even though a zipline wire can hold for a few tons of weight and the whole equipment is tested, there are still some safety limitations that you should be aware of:

Weather – in case of rain or in case of extreme wind, the zipline tour must be cancelled due to safety reasons.

Age – children under 13 are not allowed to participate and children from 13-18 have to be in group with their parents who have to sign a parental permission for their children.

Weight –  Zipline wire can hold a few tons, but people with more than 120 kg of body weight are not allowed to participate because of the safety reasons.

Body constitution – Zipline harness has a waist loop (60cm-110cm) which should be placed above your hips, and leg loops (max 75 cm) which should be on the middle of your thighs. In some extreme cases, even the person who is lighter than max weight limit, cannot safely fit into a zipline harness, and in that case person is not allowed to participate in activity. Sometimes it is hard to tell until person tries to wear a  harness so if you have any doubts, please inform us before you book  and we will do our best to help you.

*this is stated just for extreme cases, so if you have any doubts please contact us before you make a reservation. Our proffesionall staff will do their best to help you!